About Us

A Hog’s Life is an Animal Rescue Farm & registered Non Profit Organisation (244-752-NPO), located in the heart of the Amatola Mountain range – Hogsback.

We rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abused, neglected and abandoned animals from the surrounding towns and villages & give many of them safe haven on our farm. We provide quality care for our animals, each animal gets vaccinated, de-wormed, treated for ticks and fleas and spayed/ neutered before it moves into a loving forever home. We provide veterinarian care/ medical treatment for animals living in the surrounding villages & are available for emergency calls. We are involved in organising spay campaigns and currently working towards our big goal to set up a registered vet clinic and give people from low- & no-income families the chance to seek medical care for their pets. The clinic will be base for quarterly spay campaigns to control cat and dog overpopulation and fight against their suffering.

At A Hog’s Life we believe in educating the local community to help make a lasting impact. Working together with the local schools and teaching the younger generations how to take care of their fur-friends is key to create a better world for animals and humans. We are currently working on a program to educate children and teenagers about a career path in Animal Welfare to give them the opportunity of a future employment. Next to our vet clinic, we are planning on setting up our own education rooms to welcome students on a regular basis.

We are dedicated to helping our community, especially those who don’t have the financial means to look after their animals. Lots of villages are still without a proper water supply, which lets animals suffer as much as humans. In our community development plan we set a goal to increase the general standard of living for local communities by providing access to basic services such as clean and running water, working toilets, quality educational material, schooling and tutors.

Together with your help we are working towards our goals!

Our journey first brought us to the magical little town of Hogsback back in 2015 for a trail running adventure known as “The Hobbit 100km”. We immediately fell in love with the landscape… the rolling green hills, indigenous forests, magical waterfalls and breathtaking views from the many mountain peaks. It’s said that mystical forests described in J.R.R.Tolkien’s famous trilogy, “The Lord of the Rings” was influenced by the Hogsback landscape as his son was part of the Royal Air Force in the region and sent Tolkien detailed sketches and descriptions of the Hogsback forests.

Hogsback filled our hearts like no other, but at the same time left us deeply saddened as we encountered many stray animals in horrible condition and learned about the neglect and abuse that is happening in the surrounding towns & villages.

 In 2018 we were able to fulfil our dream and purchased a beautiful farm in Hogsback.  In December 2018 we “moved to the mountain” (what locals like to say) and made it our new home. We partnered with Nkonkobe Animal Care in Fort Beaufort to make an even bigger impact.

In our first year we’ve rescued and re-homed over 70 dogs, 15 cats, 20 pigs and 10 chickens and helped and assisted in many emergency cases in our surrounding area . We hope to grow these numbers a lot in the future and help as many animals as possible.



Meet all our A Hog’s Life family members and fall in love.






Here you find all our dogs and cats that are currently up for adoption. If you are interested in adopting please download our adoption form and send it to ahogslife@gmail.com . You can also give us a phone call here: 072 914 4183. A home check before adoption applies as well as a food donation as adoption fee.

Dogs for Adoption

Cats for Adoption


If you fell in love and are interested in adopting one of our animals, please download the adoption form, fill it out and send it back to ahogslife@gmail.com.

We will get back to you as soon as possible and familiarize you with our adoption process. Happy adopting! It is one of the most rewarding and beautiful things to do! We are looking forward to being a part of this wonderful experience and make sure to find a perfect match for animal and human.




Make a once-off donation via PayPal: ahogslife@gmail.com

or EFT to

Bank: FNB
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Acc No: 62839067560
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Branch Code: 250655
Reference: A Hog’s Life

You can also join our family on Patreon and get exclusive insides on our work and other benefits, please click on the link below:


Stay with us in one of our Magical Teepee’s and meet your furry-rescue-friends! Read more below!


Why stay with us?

Fill your heart while staying in Hogsback’s little Teepee village on our Animal Rescue Farm! 

Spending time in our luxury Teepee will let you reconnect with the simple ways of life & the magic that surrounds us. Relax and surrender in a candle lit room while the fire is going at the foot of your bed. It doesn’t matter if you stay one night or a month, we promise your batteries will be fully charged again on your day of departure.


Each Teepee has its own bathroom which makes your stay with us a bit more comfortable and private. We understand that shared bathrooms are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Our spot is also the perfect starting point to explore Hogsback’s beautiful nature with many hikes close by. Town center, a grocery store, several restaurants and markets are only a 2km drive or walk away. All Hogsback’s main attractions are close by in comfortable distance.  

All proceeds go back into our Rescue Farm and animals. So come and support a good cause, while relaxing body and soul!

(No children & teenagers under the age of 18 / no pets)


Our Teepee’s are large, the footprint of each Teepee measures approx. 30m2 (6m diameter). One Teepee accommodates 2 people, so there is plenty of space for you and all your personal effects. The height of the Teepee’s measure 6m, so you’ll be able to comfortably walk around inside. It’s a incredibly unique experience to live in a Teepee and can’t be compared with camping at all!

All our 4 Teepee’s stand on raised wooden decks, each with their own bathroom facility (shower, toilet and basin) just a few meters walk away.

Inside each Teepee you’ll find a comfortable king size bed (great for couples) or 2 x three-quarter beds, a super comfy couch, an original Mexican Chiminea that provides an amazing atmosphere as well as plenty of warmth. Fairy lights, paraffin lamps & candles add extra Magic after the sun has set.

From the decks you will overlook our garden and property, it is the perfect spot to sun bath during the day, or enjoy reading a book in peace and quiet. In a clear and warm night you can gaze at a million stars while lying in your bed with the teepee flaps wide open or sitting on the deck with a nice glass of wine in your hands. 


Guests can make use of the kitchen in the main house of the property. Fridge, freezer, stove, oven, kettle, microwave… everything you need to cook a delicious meal is available for you to use.

Our wood storage is always filled up, if our guests need more wood for their romantic chiminea fire, they are welcome to help themselves. No extra charge!

Our Animal Rescue Farm staff lives on the property and is available for you for any inquiries. My husband and I will always be available for you when on the property, we live a 5 minute drive away and you can reach us via phone too.


The closest major town to Hogsback is King Williams Town and nearest major cities with airports are East London and Port Elizabeth.

Please use the road via Alice or King Williams Town (depending on where you come from) to Hogsback. Going over the mountain via Seymore or Keiskammerhoek is only recommended if you drive a 4X4 vehicle. Once in Hogsback, please mind all the potholes, roads are not in the best condition on our misty mountain 🙂 When you turn into Plaatjieskraal Road, after just 200m you will see the first teepee waving hello on your right hand side and you can’t miss our gate.

During your stay we’re happy to provide information about hikes or good walking routes & many other activities available in the area.

There is no public transportation in Hogsback, guests have to travel with their own vehicle/ rental car.

When driving, always plan your route and fuel consumption in advance, be prepared if credit card facilities are down and keep and pay special attention to speed limits/road signs.


We speak fluent German and English (also Malawian and Afrikaans).

We unfortunately don’t accommodate children & teenagers under the age of 18. Not because we don’t love children (quite the opposite), but as we are an Animal Rescue and we have an average of 15 – 20 dogs staying on the property, we don’t want to take a chance of anything happening and hope for your understanding.

Each teepee is equipped with a solar powered battery block to charge cellphones and run the fairy lights. It is your responsibility to recharge the battery block with the solar panel during the day. 

It’s a great idea to bring a headlamp for after sunset hours to find your way to your private bathroom easier. 

We provide wood for free! No extra charges for refill.

Please check the weather forecast before arrival. Gumboots are an awesome idea when it is rainy and are a socially acceptable dress code in our area 🙂

We provide a Hogsback map for all our guests with our favorite spots, restaurants and other awesome places marked on it. 

Hogsback is currently experiencing a water crisis, that’s why we ask all our guests to make themselves familiar with water saving tips! 

Hogsback is a small village in the Amathole Mountains (Eastern Cape, South Africa) with an atmosphere of pure fantasy. Its’ magical forests, waterfalls and mountains are perfect for hiking, sight seeing, bird watching and is a botanists’ playground! 

It’s said that the mystical forests described in J.R.R.Tolkien’s famous trilogy, “The Lord of the Rings” was influenced by the Hogsback landscape as his son was part of the Royal Air Force in the region and sent Tolkien detailed sketches and descriptions of the Hogsback forests.

Treat your tummy with delicious food at different little restaurants & quirky hotels, spoil a loved one (or yourself!) with unique hand-crafted items and feast your eyes on special attractions all the way from the beginning to end of the village.


We have a minimum stay of 2 days over weekends & public holidays. From Sunday to Thursday you can also experience our teepee’s for only one night. Our rates vary between R400 and R800 per night/ per teepee, depending on the season and public holidays. 

Please send us an inquiry via our contact form (ahogslife@gmail.com) or give us a call and check availability: +27 72 91441 83 (also available on WhatsApp)

You also find our teepee’s on Airbnb, please click on the link below! 

—–>   www.airbnb.com/magicalteepees   <—–

We are looking forward to hearing from you and sharing our beloved space with you! 

This was truly one of the most magical experiences we have had while travelling. Staying in an authentic teepee, complete with glittering fairy lights, rustic oil lamps, a soft, comfortable sofa, massive bed and, my favourite - Mexican Chiminea for evening fires - was undoubtedly the highlight of our trip. Anke and her team have gone out of their way to make our visit to Hogsback as enjoyable as possible. From the glamping-style teepee accommodation, to the arrival wine and complimentary map of Hogsback with all the best locations for hiking and sightseeing highlighted, we couldn't possibly have asked for more from our host. The rescue dogs on the farm were friendly and an absolute delight! So much love, toothy smiles, excited greetings and cute companionship to go around! We will definitely be visiting A Hog's Life again as soon as we can and will be actively recommending this experience to all of our friends and family!

Roxanne - Airbnb (Nov 2019)

A Hogs life is definitely one of the most unique places I have come across. Stay in a Teepee with a fire going and having a rescue pupper to cuddle if you please was just an icing to the cake. Between the 20+- rescue dogs you will always have a companion extra who greets you excitedly at the gate and if you happen to fall in love with a furchild adoption can take place! Each Teepee has its own bathroom, which was really great, considering I hate communal rest rooms. Everything was extremely clean and neat. Ankes whole entire setting is well thought out and executed. She thinks of everything and takes time explaining it all to you, with a smile never leaving her face. Anke even takes personal thought when giving you a map of Hogsback to point out the best places from a locals point. The property is extremely safe, I never felt the worry to leave my belongings unattended or walk around alone after dark. All in all, I have the best relaxing stay and will definitely be visiting her again soon! Thank you to Anke, her team and her pups for making it so special

Ambre - Airbnb (Nov 2019)

Absolutely marvelous!!! Bit of heaven that heals not just animals but humans too! Definitely one for the bucket list! I’ll be going back ☺️

Carien - Airbnb (Oct 2019)

Incredible experience, we loved sleeping out in the tipi. Cuddled up in a candle lit room with a fire going at the foot of the bed. Gold! Anke and her husband were wonderful hosts. Kind, caring and helpful. We will definitely be black to see them, the animals they care for and the radical tipi we got to spend a couple nights in!

Daniel - Airbnb (OCT 2019)




Please fill out the contact form, or send us an email to ahogslife@gmail.com. In an urgent case or emergency you can also phone us on +27 72 91441 83. You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, thanks for reaching out!